Meet our products

Since 2018, we have been developing and building microcontrollers, IoT peripherals and electronic kits for STEM education. Check out some of our products below!

SSTuino II and SSTuino Innovator's Kit v2

The SSTuino II is a major redesign of the SSTuino Classic first deployed in 2022. Paired with the Explorer companion board, the SSTuino II introduces more advanced IoT functionalities and quality of life improvements, enabling a low-barrier, high-ceiling approach to IoT education.

SSTuino Classic and SSTuino Innovator's Kit

The SSTuino Classic is an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled microcontroller, designed and fabricated by SST Alumni in 2018. Users can write programs to connect or control things over the Internet. With an Arduino Uno-styled design and an ESP-01 Wi-Fi module, it is the perfect device to kickstart your learning journey in IoT.

New Evolved UART (NEU)

A CP2102N based drop-in replacement for the microUSB based CP2102 breakout boards, with numerous fixes to ensure compatibility with all modern USB devices, including USB-C based Apple computers.


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