About Us

A little about ourselves

Welcome to FourierIndustries. Where we bring solutions to digital problems.

We are a small company founded in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore. We started off as a subsidiary of SST Inc., a parent company where all the subcompanies in it come together to develop products, and our company was formerly known as StatiX Industries.

FourierIndustries is founded in 2013 by a group of computer enthusiasts in the School of Science and Technology, Singapore under its SST Inc. Infocomm Talent Development Program. Since then, we have committed ourselves to making the world better by bringing solutions to digital problems.

We started off with simple server hosting, with a single Linux box known as the T.E.R.0.M. A few months later, we embarked on iOS development, one of the biggest projects we have started on so far. After the 3rd quarter of 2013, we have sucessfully released 5 iOS applications on the Apple App Store, and are looking to designing hardware and beyond.